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Understanding the various types of jewellery valuations
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An item of jewellery can have several values applied to it depending on the reason you are wanting the valuation. This page is intended to set out some of the more usual purposes and functions of a jewellery appraisal and valuation report. There are of course others but no matter what the intended use of one of our valuations, all will contain the following:

  • Item appraisal - Full and detailed descriptions
  • Colour photos - Brilliant crisp pictures
  • Glossary of terms - No baffling jargon
  • Bound in a stylish leatherette folder
  • Inspection and condition report page to confirm when maintenance has been performed
  • Repairs Notice - Advice regarding the safety of stones, worn claws and the like. This could save you more than our fee!
  • Monetary value of the item(s) in line with the valuation purpose and appropriate market

Tanzanite and diamond ring

Insurance Replacement Valuation

When the worst happens, an insurance valuation will help you get a full settlement and cut down on delay.

Insurance valuations are used for obtaining insurance cover so that lost or damaged items can be restored, purchased again or, if none of these options is possible, that suitable cash compensation can be obtained. A well written valuation can also help you remember exactly what you had and help your retailer or jewellery craftsman in replacing your lost jewellery.
View an animated sample jewellery valuation.

Diamond brooch

Probate Valuation

A valuation used in the calculation of Inheritance Tax and to obtain probate of a will.

A probate valuation assists the executor of an estate to obtain probate of a will and enable HM Revenue and Customs to establish the correct amount of estate duty that may be due. Our probate valuation service can be ordered here.

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Family Division Valuation

A valuation used to divide property between partners

A valuation can be prepared to assist in property division in the event of a divorce or separation. A valuation can also be prepared to support a pre-nuptial contract. These sensitive issues will always be carried out with the utmost discretion.

Rolex watch

Private Sale Valuation

Also known as a Sale Between Parties valuation

This valuation is designed for private individuals wishing guidance to a fair asking price when selling an item or items between themselves. For this valuation to be of help it is customary for the parties involved to agree to be guided by an expert who has no interest in the outcome over and above the fee charged. This valuation will provide a guide to a reasonable price, fair to all sides.