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Easy to understand and transparent

As a truly independent valuer, our fees are not based on the value of your items. We use a fixed menu-style fee structure linked to the number of items in the valuation and their complexity, and include VAT. Printable Price List

Presented in a beautifully bound folder, we provide an exceptionally detailed report. Each valuation is accompanied by a CD containing a copy of the document, a picture folder and other useful information. View an animated sample jewellery valuation.

Initial Valuation

Insurance, Sale Between Parties, Open Market and Family Division Valuations

Set-up document fee




Each standard jewellery or watch item


Individual diamonds over 1.00 carat


...and then an additional charge per carat thereafter


Other premium* items - From


Group* (up to 10 simple items)


Out-of-hours assignment

Additional 25%

Dont need a bound document and prefer a PDF file?

Discount - £10.00

*Premium Item: Premium items are those requiring a longer time to appraise and research, such as larger multi-stone set items, brooches and necklaces, any single diamond above 1ct and rare items. Premium items are exceptional and almost all items will normally be at the standard rate.

*Grouped items: Sometimes similar items of low value can be valued as a group so long as they are broadly alike in terms of materials, condition and manufacture.


Very cost effective on-going service

In the course of updating the value of items we have previously valued for you, every item is examined, checked, cleaned, values adjusted and a crisp new document issued. Premium items may incur an additional fee.

Set-up document fee

At the current fee



Each reviewed item (excluding premium items)

Half current per item fee

Additional items added

Normal fee, per item

Insurance Valuation Example

Set-up document fee


Two items @ £45.00 each




Re-valuation example: The same items would be re-valued, at today′s fees, for £95.00

Additional Information

Payment Facilities

We accept payment using PayPal, any major credit card, by cleared cheque or cash.

Security and Privacy

For your security card numbers and details are not retained. All customers information is private and confidential and will not be revealed to a third party without your permission or by order of a court of law.